Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an appointment to be seen at your clinics?

NO. We will try our best to see you on the day that you come in. Sometimes we will not be able to see you. In these cases you will be made an appointment to be seen as soon as possible.  

Do I need my parents’ permission to be seen at your clinic?

NO. Our clinics offer confidential services to teens. This means that you do not need your parents' permission to be seen at any of our clinics and we can not give out any of your information to anyone, including your parents, without your permission.

Do I have to get undressed to get on birth control?

NO. You may not need to get undressed in order to get on a birth control method.

What is the difference between a PAP and a Pelvic exam?

A pap smear is a test that is done by the clinician during a pelvic exam to check for abnormal or cancerous cells on your cervix. This test does not need to be done until you are 21 years old.  

A pelvic exam is an exam done by a clinician in order to get a better look inside the vagina. This exam allows the clinician to check for infections or STDs.

How do I know if I’m pregnant?

If you are having or have had unprotected sex you could be pregnant. You can come into any of our clinics for a pregnancy test after you are late for your period.

How much will I have to pay to be seen at your clinic?

NIMCHN's Family Planning (Birth Control) Clinics operate on a sliding fee scale. That means our services are based on your income. You will never be turned away if you're unable to pay for your family planning services.